E-Zee Bulk Tank Overflow Alarm

Designed for dairy opertions that utilize two bulk tanks. The E-Zee Bulk Tank Overflow Alarm alerts the operator that the current bulk tankis nearing capacity and needs to be switched over to the other tank. This prevents overflowing of the bulk tank.

Overflow Alarm Controller Overflow Alarm Controller Inside View Overflow Alarm Probe


How it Works

Swith the Overflow Alarm to Bulk Tank #1. As the tank fills close to capacity, it activates the float onthe probe and sounds the Alarm. Next, turn the swithc onthe Controller to Bulk Tank #2. This will shut off the Alarm, disable Probe #1 and enable Probe #2 for Bulk Tank #2.

The low-voltage 24VDV float probe signal comes from a pwer supply in the Controller. The signal activates a relay to switch the higher current to the Alarm. This feature allows the Controller to be used with other high-voltage alarm systems.

The Alarm is prewired and easy to install. It has a resettable internal circuit breaker for short circuit protection and comes with a standard 6-ft 120 VAC cord.

The concept of this system is simple but give s a dairy with two smaller bulk tanks a method to prevent overflowing.


Two Alarm Options

Economy Overflow Alarm
  • Waterproof IP 65
  • Small enclosure box
  • Red LED light - flashing or solid
  • Audible alarm - one tone, contant or pulsing
  • 98 decible level



Deluxe Overflow Alarm
  • Waterproof IP 65
  • Larger 360 deg view
  • Halogen bulbs
  • Strobe feature
  • 32 different audible tones
  • 110 decible level
  • Alarm can be used with our ImPulse CL VSD and programmed with a different sound
economy alarm   deluxe alarm  



Our new 16-inch stainless steel probe design is well suited for sanitary conditions required in a milk tank. The new design has no clips of collars to fll off and minimizes the areas for bacteria to grow.